“Life IS Perfect and I am Grateful.” Repeat this until you believe it.


This was a journal entry today from The Miracle Morning and at first I was a bit sceptical. Why? Well my life is not perfect but then I read it, this quote leaves MY out. So ‘Life is perfect.’ It made me smile and realize that the more I repeat it to myself the more it seems true. It puts me in the mindset of the now. Right now, life is perfect. It may not feel like it, there are many problems, issues, concerns and to be honest many realizations that my life is not perfect but… I kept repeating it. Life is perfect. Life is perfect.

Life is PERFECT,

and I am Grateful.

Keep saying the above phrase to yourself until you believe it. Keep saying it… Until.     You.    Believe.    It. Then gradually a smile crosses my face and I feel a sense of ease to get on with the day. Truly that is my experience. I guess I am just a super positive person that can take a time out, clear my mind of all the negative world issues, personal problems, money concerns and insecurities to just breath in the deep knowledge of right NOW, Life is perfect and I am Grateful.

Google the above phrase and all you get are items about MY life is not perfect. There was only one image of Life being perfect. Thank you Hal Elrod for the reminder. We all have times of imperfection but every day is a miracle morning and I say LIFE IS PERFECT and I am grateful. Thank you Hal.

Make it a fantastic day…